Just a quick note of thanks for the Hitting Disks. I've purchased a lot of baseball training aids, but I've never gotten more bang for the buck than with the Hitting Disk. My team has been able to increase it's batting practice regimen by just pairing up four boys with two hitting disks. The "Throw the Pizza" message is easily communicated, and the swing motion is right on. I've found the Hitting Disk to be especially helpful with boys who "helicopter," or don't extend on the swing - the hitting disk highlights this flaw and provides sound correction. I also appreciate having a batting aid I can stick in my pocket - no need for duffles, carrying cases or stuffed bat bags. And best of all, we're seeing results - we just came off a game with everyone swinging & making solid contact. I'm hoping our local Little League picks up on the Hitting Disk as both a teaching tool and a promotional item.

Thanks again,
Tom Richards,
Leesburg, Virginia


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